Peru Protests: Increasing Violence Against The Government In Peru, ‘Machu Picchu’ Closed

Peru Protests: Increasing violence against the government in Peru, famous tourist destination ‘Machu Picchu’ closed.

Peru has been witnessing massive protests against the government for the past month after the ouster of President Pedro Castillo.

The famous ancient ruins of Machu Picchu have been closed indefinitely in view of the protests. The Ministry of Culture informed us about this on 21 January.

The ministry said that in view of the safety of tourists and local people, the country’s most famous tourist destination as well as the Inca Trail leading to the site have also been temporarily closed.

417 tourists stranded in Machu Picchu.

Tourism Minister Luis Fernando Helguero said that 417 tourists are trapped in Machu Picchu and are unable to get out.

Over 300 of them are foreign nationals. Explain that Machu Picchu is known as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Police raided Peru’s most exclusive public university in Lima on Saturday to remove protesters who had been kept on campus for participating in larger demonstrations.

Interior Minister Vicente Romero said more than 100 people had been detained.

Protesters are demanding the resignation of Boluarte.

In Peru, President Pedro Castillo was removed from office by impeachment in Parliament. In his place, Vice President Dina Boluarte was made the new President of the country.

After this Pedro was also taken into custody. The supporters of the former President became furious about this. They started protesting on the streets.

The protesters are demanding the resignation of Boluaarte. Along with this, they also want the Parliament to be dissolved and fresh elections to be held.

So far more than 55 people have died due to this violence. The police are trying to stop it in every way. A policeman also died in the southern sector during the clashes.

Loss of Tourism.

Things have been worse in Cusco (where Machu Picchu is located). Due to this, there has been a huge loss in tourism revenue.

Cusco airport was also briefly closed this week following an attack by protesters. At the same time, train service to Machu Picchu is also closed since January 19 due to damaged tracks.

The tourism minister said some stranded tourists have opted to walk to the nearby village of Piscakucho for evacuation. But it is taking six, seven hours or more.

Only some human beings are capable of doing this. The Ministry of Culture said that tourists who had already bought tickets to Machu Picchu during this time would be given a full refund.

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