The Bomb Fell From An Army Helicopter Was Found Safe

The bomb fell from an army helicopter was found safe in the field, officials breathed a sigh of relief: Rajasthan.

During the flight of a light fighter helicopter of the Indian Air Force, a rocket Numa bomb fell down in the middle. After this, the army conducted a search operation for the last 24 hours.

All are relieved after the bomb was found safe in a field in Islam Nagar village of village panchayat Chanchalwa in Balesar area of ​​Jodhpur district.

The army helicopter was on a flight from Jodhpur to Pokhran firing range of Jaisalmer. Pokaran was going for his regular firing exercise at the firing range.

A light-headed object fell down the previous day from this light combat helicopter. After this, the search operation was conducted in the fear of falling in the Bhaniyana area of ​​Jaisalmer.

Four teams of Air Force started the search with the help of police and local sarpanches in the area.

The bomb was found lying in a field in Islam Nagar village of village panchayat Chanchalwa in Jodhpur district, during a continuous search operation for nearly 24 hours.

On Saturday afternoon, it was found in the field of Bharu Singh in Islam Nagar village of Chanchalwa, gram panchayat of Balesar region.

On this, Bhairu Singh and Sarpanch Umaid Khan informed the police. The police along with the Air Force team immediately reached the spot.

The bomb was then captured with extreme caution by Air Force experts. Local residents, including army personnel, have also breathed a sigh of relief after the bomb was delivered properly.

BSF newcomers get the Covid vaccine.

The covid vaccination program is being organized at the BSF frontier headquarters in Jodhpur, in which 1400 newcomers from Jodhpur will be vaccinated in the first phase.

Yogendra Singh Rathod, Commandant, Dr. Kaushal Dave (RCHO), Jodhpur, and other officers were present during the vaccination program.

In the first phase of vaccination, Assistant Training Center, Inspector General of Border Security Force, Madan Singh Rathore of Assistant Training Center, Jodhpur were also present.

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