US Seeks Help From India To Put Pressure On Russia

US seeks help from India to put pressure on Russia, US national security coordinator expressed the desire: Russia Ukraine War.

US seeks India’s help to put pressure on Russia amid the Ukraine war.

US National Security Coordinator John Kirby, while addressing a press briefing on Saturday, said the US shares a deep partnership with India.

Washington wants other countries including India to put pressure on Russia amid the Ukraine conflict.

Kirby expressed happiness that India would also participate in the G-7 meeting. There is much to discuss on the agenda with India.

We also have a deep partnership with them in the defense sector. President Biden wants to make sure Putin is put under pressure to make it harder for him to continue the war.

The US seeks help from India: Kirby said, we want to see all countries participate in such efforts.

Significantly, India has recently increased energy imports from Russia despite global sanctions on Moscow.

Several institutional mechanisms have been established for the development of India-Russia economic cooperation, but trade has been hampered by the Ukraine war and subsequent sanctions imposed by Western countries.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar earlier this month hit back at unfair criticism of Indian oil purchases from Russia amid the Ukraine war that has hit the world economy.

Defending India’s oil imports from Russia, Jaishankar stressed that it is important to understand how the Ukraine conflict is affecting developing countries.

He also questioned why only India is being questioned while Europe continues to import gas from Russia amid the Ukraine war.

At the GLOBSEC 2022 Bratislava Forum in Slovakia, Jaishankar said, the package of sanctions imposed by the EU has been imposed keeping in mind the interests of some European countries.

Ukraine Crisis: Russia’s missile attack on Kyiv before the G7 conference, in Germany, Johnson said – will have to be united against Putin.

On Sunday, a few hours before the G-7 summit in Germany, Russia attacked the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with missiles.

At the meeting of the G7 countries, the leaders of the seven major economies, including US President Joe Biden, will consider imposing new sanctions on Russia.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is also participating in this meeting as a special invitee.

In the Russian attack on Kyiv weeks later, four early morning blasts were heard in the central part of the city. After this two explosions were heard in the southern part of the capital.

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