India Has Strict Policy Of Zero-tolerance Against Corruption, PM Modi Said In G20 Meeting

India has strict policy of zero-tolerance against corruption, PM Modi said in G20 meeting.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually addressed the third and final meeting of the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group in Kolkata on Saturday.

During this, he said that India has a strict zero-tolerance policy against corruption.

‘It is our duty to fight corruption.

At the G20 anti-corruption ministerial meeting in Kolkata, PM Modi said that corruption in India affects the poor and marginalized the most.

He said that fighting corruption is our sacred duty towards our people.

The Prime Minister said that to expedite the recovery of foreign assets, G20 countries can set an example by using non-conviction based confiscation.

This will ensure speedy return and extradition of criminals after due judicial process.

PM Modi expressed happiness over this.

PM Modi said, “I am happy that an agreement has been reached on informal cooperation between law enforcement agencies, as this will prevent criminals from taking advantage of legal loopholes.”

He said that corruption affects the allocation of resources. Yes, distorts the markets.

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