Relations With China Will Not Be Normal Without Peace On The Border: Jaishankar

Relations with China will not be normal without peace on the border, Jaishankar said – the danger of skirmishes like Galvan Valley remains.

India has once again given a clear message to China that relations between the two countries cannot be normal until it withdraws its troops from the LAC and restores the situation in the year 2020.

Relationships can improve only after peace and tranquility – Jaishankar.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said at a press conference organized on Thursday to highlight the achievements of the nine-year tenure of the Modi government.

India wants to improve its relationship with China, but this will happen only if peace and tranquility are established on the border. Without this, bilateral relations cannot improve.

What did Foreign Minister Jaishankar say about China?

He also rejected China’s over-reporting of the situation on the border and identified the “forward border deployment” of troops as the biggest problem.

Several questions were asked about the current situation with China.

Responding to these, Jaishankar made it clear that India understands its interests very well and that no external pressure can be exerted on it.

However, he also made it clear that the current situation is not in the interest of both the countries and a solution has to be found for it.

Relations have deteriorated due to the violation of bilateral agreements by China a few years ago. It will be bad.

If anyone expects that the border situation will remain as it is and relations improve, then this expectation would be wrong.

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