Kick And Punches Between Players In The Middle Of Match

Kick and punches between players in the middle match, and then the fight on Twitter. Paris Saint Germain (PSG) striker Neymar’s return to the field after recovering from the Coronavirus was not good.

In Sunday’s match against France’s top League-1 against Marseille, he was shown a red card after slapping rival player varo González twice in the back of the head. Neymar and Alvaro Gonzalez clashed on Twitter after clashing on the field.

However, he accused Gonzalez of making racist remarks, but the referee sent him off the field after a video review. Angered by this, Neymar wrote on Twitter after the match, “I regret that I did not hit him in the face. I should see the photo in which he was calling me a monkey. I was taken off the field, but What happened about it? ”

Responding to Neymar’s tweet, Gonzalez wrote on Twitter, “There is no place for racism here. My career has always been clean. Neymar must learn to accept defeat.”

When the situation deteriorated

In the second half of Injury Time, a fight ensued between Marseille’s Dario Benedetto and Leandro Paredes. The controversy grew so much that kick-punches started between the two players.

During this time Neymar slapped Marseille defender Gonzalez and during this time a push started between PSG’s Levine Kurzawa and Jordan Awami. Both teams joined it. The referee Jerome Brisard then pacified the controversy. Marseille beat PSG 1–0 with the help of Florian Thauvin (31st minute).

5 red cards and 14 yellow cards were shown in PSG and Marseille matches. PSG’s Levine Kurzawa (90 + 7th minute), Leandro Paredes (90 + 7th minute), and Neymar (90 + 9th minute), while Marseille’s Jordan Amavi (90 + 7th minute) and Dario Benedetto (90 + 7th minute) raid Card shown.

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