Why Is Japan Increasing Its Defense Budget, Is There A Threat From China?

Why is Japan increasing its defense budget, is there a threat from China?

It is no surprise or secret that Japan’s defense budget, which has been increasing continuously for the last few years, is being increased this year as well.

For the year 2024, Japan’s defense budget is increasing by two percent of GDP.

It is a matter of concern for the world because Japan is such a country that suffered a nuclear attack during the Second World War and had made a different defense policy without spending on its army.

But it seems that Japan is now fundamentally changing its defense approach and ideology. This is especially important because of the growing threats from China and North Korea.

Is China the main reason?

In recent times, China has increased its aggressive attitude against its neighboring country which is not far away from Japan.

Both China and Taiwan are engaged in demonstrating their power and security capability through military exercises. There is no visible effort to reduce the tension in the situation.

What is Japan in danger from?

Experts say that the way the situation in East Asia is flourishing, Japan feels that after occupying Taiwan, China will become a threat to this island country.

While the two countries have already not had very good relations. After Taiwan, China will definitely try to harm Japan’s economic and military interests.

An increase of one trillion yen for the second consecutive year?

According to reports, Japan’s Defense Ministry has sought 7.7 trillion yen for the fiscal year 2024, which will be a record budget of $52.67 billion.

If it is approved, it will be a budget of one trillion yen more than last year’s budget of 6.8 trillion yen. Not only this, there will be an increase of one trillion in the defense budget for the second consecutive year.

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